What it means to be CultuRED.

I created Redthreadz Clothing Co. in 2018 with inspiration from my late mother, Pauline, with one major goal in mind, which is to be cultuRED. Being cultuRED does not only mean that one should be educated on many backgrounds, have a refined appreciation for art, or to be well-rounded on world histories; It also means that one should be interested and engaged in different cultures. Redthreadz can be worn by ANYONE from ANY BACKGROUND; It's an apparel line for all walks of life. I hope that Redthreadz can be a major part of everyone's culture and in return I hope I can continue to learn from every individual who comes across Redthreadz Clothing Co., so that it will always be cultuRED.


pauline ig.png


Thanks to my inspiration and guardian angel, I have this new found passion that has ignited inside of me. She was a person who always created her own style. Everything about Redthreadz embodies my mother, Pauline. Her favorite color was red and she also loved to create her own clothes by sewing. The red-colored spool and thread in the logo, the sewing machine with her initials on it and the sewing components such as a needle and the red button, is depicted throughout every Redthreadz garment. This is all for her and everything I create is in honor of her.

                                 Pauline Agatha Chin

                             12/12/1953 - 04/23/2017